Launch of Liberia Soil Information System: A Collaborative Milestone for Informed Agriculture Management

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A significant leap in Liberia’s agricultural landscape was achieved on August 9, 2023, as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) unveiled the Liberia Soil Information System (LibSIS) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Central Agriculture Research Institute, and University of Liberia. Local technology service provider CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC proudly took charge of the development and implementation of this pivotal national information system, underscoring its commitment to advancing Liberia’s agricultural future.

Partnerships for Progress

The collaborative effort involving FAO, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Agriculture Research Institute, University of Liberia, and CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC signifies a unified commitment to harnessing technology and knowledge for sustainable agricultural development. This coalition of stakeholders has combined their expertise and resources to usher in a new era of data-driven decision-making in the field of agriculture.


CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC has emerged as a cornerstone of this collaborative endeavor, taking on the pivotal role of developing and implementing the Liberia Soil Information System. As the local technology service provider responsible for the project, CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC brings its technological prowess and commitment to innovation to the forefront. Their involvement reinforces the idea that local expertise is essential for the successful execution of projects of national importance.

Empowering Informed Decisions

At the core of the Liberia Soil Information System is the mission to empower stakeholders with precise and comprehensive soil-related data. This dynamic platform, facilitated by CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC’s technical proficiency, offers a robust infrastructure for collecting, storing, and sharing critical soil information. This data repository serves as a vital resource for policymakers, researchers, farmers, and other stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive productivity, optimize resource utilization, and bolster the sustainability of Liberia’s agricultural sector.

Fostering Sustainable Agriculture

By launching LibSIS, FAO, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Agriculture Research Institute, University of Liberia, and CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC, has taken a monumental stride toward fostering sustainable agriculture. The system’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive data coverage facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among stakeholders, leading to more effective soil and agriculture management practices.

Exploration and Access

Individuals interested in experiencing the transformative impact of the Liberia Soil Information System can explore its capabilities by visiting the official website: This platform serves as a gateway to a wealth of essential soil-related data, underscoring FAO and its partners’ commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of Liberia’s agricultural landscape.


The launch of the Liberia Soil Information System stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving agricultural development. With FAO’s global expertise, the Ministry of Agriculture’s strategic insight, the Central Agriculture Research Institute’s scientific rigor, University of Liberia’s academic depth, and CYGEC IT SOLUTIONS IINC’s technical acumen, Liberia’s agricultural future looks promising. As stakeholders unite to harness the potential of technology and data, the nation moves closer to realizing its goal of sustainable agriculture and informed decision-making

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